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In the area of personal injury, Ben represents people who have suffered an injury in either:

  • Car accident
  • On the job accident
  • Offshore accident
  • Due to faulty products...


When you seek a lawyer's help, the only thing that matters is your case.

At the law office of Ben Gibson, we understand this. While he has handled numerous cases over the years and developed a reputation for litigating serious matters, he understands that his...


Born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Ben made his way to Louisiana in 1989 when his family moved to Shreveport. He... read more

Law School: Southern University (J.D.)
College: Louisiana State University (B.S.)

About Ben's Practice

Ben has offices in Walker and Baton Rouge, where he focuses his practice on personal injury, criminal defense and workers compensation. Though located in Baton Rouge, Ben travels the state handling cases for his clients.

PERSONAL INJURY. His experience in personal injury claims includes car and motorcycle accidents, train, plane and boating accidents. Within his practice, Ben handles maritime personal injury sustained by offshoremen as well as personal injury to longshoremen. The spouse and children of injured individuals often have claims as well; Ben's experience makes him qualified to handle it all.

CRIMINAL DEFENSE. His law practice also handles any and all criminal defense cases that the District Attorney or Federal Government may charge an individual with. This includes, but is not limited to, drug and narcotic case, driving while intoxicated (DWI/DUI), robberies, murders, batteries, assaults, bank fraud, money laundering, gun charges, probation and parole hearing and more.

WORKERS COMPENSATION. Ben also handles workers' compensation claims. This area of law applies when an individual is injured while at their workplace. A workers' compensation claim is different than a car accident in that the person is limited in what they may receive, but you are entitled to compensation so let Ben fight for it. Whether your workers' compensation is on land or you are a longshoreman or other maritime worker, he can make receiving your compensation an easy process for you.

Ben looks forward to helping you or a family member with your personal injury, criminal or workers' compensation case. Call today!

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