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Assault & Battery

Louisiana law enforcement takes violent crime very seriously. It is not unheard of for a prosecutor to charge a simple bar fight as an aggravated assault. Aside from the police custody, prosecution and trial, and jail time that you are facing, a conviction for these types of crimes can leave a mark on your record that can haunt you.

You should speak with an experienced attorney who can help you aggressively fight for your rights and ensure that your voice is heard!

Benjamin N. Gibson has experience in handling a diverse range of assault, battery and other violent crime cases including:

  • Bar fights
  • Second degree battery and aggravated battery
  • Domestic violence and child abuse
  • Kidnapping
  • Armed robbery
  • Manslaughter and murder
  • Stalking and making terroristic threats
  • Simple assault and aggravated assault (assault with a deadly weapon)

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