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In the area of personal injury, Ben represents people who have suffered an injury in either:

  • Car accident
  • On the job accident
  • Offshore accident
  • Due to faulty products
  • Any and all other types of injury one has suffered due to the fault of another

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When you or a family member suffers an injury, there are many precautions that need to be followed.

First and foremost, the injured person needs to see a health care provider. This can be either their family doctor or the emergency room. Your health is more important than any amount of money.

Second, if you are injured in a car accident, you need to immediately call the local law enforcement. If this is an on-the-job injury, you need to report this injury immediately to your supervisor.

Reporting your injury will ensure that there is sufficient documentation of the accident and its causes. An accident report will include critical information that will be needed further down the road such as witnesses, location, time of day, and individuals involved.

When most people think of an injury and recovery, they do not realize the full range of recovery available to them and their family members. Ben will make sure that you recover any and all monies that you are owed for any and all damages you have suffered.
This includes:

  • Physical pain and suffering - past, present and future
  • Mental pain and anguish - past, present and future
  • All doctors, hospital and medication bills
  • Any and all wages which are lost due to missing time from work
  • Loss of use of a vehicle
  • Rental car charges
  • Any and all claims that are available to your spouse and children due to injury you sustained
  • Loss of consortium - the lost of love and affection between you and your spouse
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Physical incapacity
  • Disfigurement claims

The above listed are just a sampling of all the damages to which one is entitled when they are injured. Unfortunately, too many people sell themselves short in a lawsuit and only recover for their physical and mental pain and suffering but there are many more remedies available to you.

Personal Injury Areas

Automobile Accidents
Premise Liability
Offshore Injury
Wrongful Death
Brain/Spinal Injuries

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